Staying motivated

Staying motivated

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m finding the participation of everyone else in this challenge to be extremely motivating! Seeing all your videos and pictures in various NI locations is wonderful. It’s the middle of Winter and it can be so hard on wet or icy days to get out for a walk, but not for the #NIDOGS1000 bunch. Having a dog makes it somewhat easier because we know we need to take them out on a daily basis, plus the whining and sitting at the door looks are intolerable!! I’m sure like me, sitting in front of the TV on a cold evening is so comfy, but the challenge is motivating me to get off my bum, and do a wee spin around the block to get that extra mile done. In the 3 weeks since the challenge started, my fitness has definitely improved too – who else has noticed a difference? It is is chilly out at the moment – it may be too icy under foot to go walking first thing in the morning plus be mindful of our dogs paws getting iceburn or Frostbit as they say in some parts! Take care if you do head out.


We need to GET UP ~ GET OUT ~ GET ON, and when we do, we definitely benefit from it. That quick 15 minute walk up the road or round the block can make all the difference to both you and your dog. Don’t under estimate how much better we all feel from that extra dander. Also think about finding a buddy to walk with – walking and having a natter at the same time really makes the miles go in very quickly.  From a Dogs perspective, they need the mental stimulation of sniffing, and the physical activity of being in the outdoors. They’ve been in the house all day, so it’s important they get out too. It’s so important for both human and dog to get some form of daily exercise. You’ve no doubt heard of endorphins…the feel good hormones that get released when we do physical activity. Dogs have them too!

While it’s great to get out in your own neighbourhood, we all benefit from a change of scene too. The new scenery, the different type of path, meeting new dogs and people, learning new things are all so beneficial to our overall wellbeing. That’s what is fantastic about the group on Facebook. So many participants from across NI, and as a group we get to enjoy seeing walking locations and finding new places for us to venture in the future. We’re building a community of dog walkers and it would be brilliant to share our walks with the people in the group. So if you fancy hosting a bunch of dog loving folk on a woof walk do get in touch. It will all help with us reaching our 1000 mile goal.

If a challenge was easy then everyone would do it, and in this the 1st year of the Woof Walk 1000 mile challenge, there are over 60+ people officially registered as taking part! If you are doing the challenge but haven’t registered yet, then click here. If this is what we can achieve in the winter months, just think what we can do when the lighter evenings come – they’re not too far away!

Together we can achieve our goal!