Woof Walk at QUB

Woof Walk at QUB

And they’re off! For over a year I’ve been wanting to start ‘Woof Walks’ for dog owners. My vision is that Woof Walks will take place at designated times in various areas, opening up the opportunity for as many people to get involved. Dog owners are a friendly bunch, and while the majority of the time we walk the dog on our own or with our partners/family, a Woof Walk provides an opportunity to meet people, have a chat and make new friends. For some walking alone can be challenging, and the comfort of being in a group will enable more people to come along and get out for some fresh air, exercise and a chat. The benefits of a woof walk are:

• Meet new people

• Socialise your dog with others

• Get exercise in the fresh air

• Chat with other dog owners about dog related matters

• Become part of a dog owning community

• Grow in confidence and improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Queens University Playing fields kindly agreed to allow the Woof Walks to take place along the designated paths around the floodlit playing fields, and with a responsible group of dog walkers it made for a great start to the Woof Walks.

We met at 6pm in the Car Park at Queens Playing Fields, and at that point the car park was empty so its a great time to start. We walked a route which is approx. 2.5/2.7 miles in distance, partially lit by the flood lights from the pitches. Sporting a head torch for the unlit section, and armed with hi-viz jackets, and for Bert the Lhasa, a jazzy blue flashing collar, we were all clearly visible to ourselves and other path users.

Henry Wee Wheel, Lola and
Bert (in jazzy blue collar)

We chatted and gushed over each others dog, and before we knew it, we had completed the distance in about 50 mins. Another step towards our 1000 mile goal.

If you missed the first woof walk, then the next one will be on Monday 24 February at 6pm at the same place – QUB Playing Fields. With the lighter evenings not far away, it won’t be long before I can ditch the head torch!

If anyone else, would like to be a volunteer co-ordinator for another walk in another part of Belfast or Northern Ireland, do get in touch. It’s not a big undertaking, and happy to chat with anyone who would like to consider it. Thank you everyone for coming along – we had a great night.